Avengers 6 Writer Announcement Gets Mixed Reactions From Fans

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Tapped to Write Avengers 6

Deadline revealed that Loki and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness scribe Michael Waldron is set to write Avengers: Secret Wars for Marvel Studios. 

Alongside this reveal, Deadline’s sources noted that Secret Wars will have its own director, but it was pointed out that all parties will be in touch while the two Avengers films are in development. 

Moreover, insiders shared that meeting for the Avengers 6 writing job took place last month, with many believing Waldron was the front-runner due to “how much trust the studio has in the writer.”

Following the announcement, fans took to social media to share their mixed reactions. 

@Blacklight_21 openly said that Marvel should’ve picked “anyone but Michael Waldron please:”

“Anyone but Michael Waldron please. Next they’re gonna announce Taika is directing omg”

@_LyfeonMars_ is confused that Waldron is writing the sixth Avengers movie:

“Michael Waldron is writing what??!”

@franklinsherald appears to be boycotting the next film of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes after Waldron’s hiring: 

“y’all have fun watching this i’m not gonna put myself through another waldron written production.”

@hawkewatching seems hellbent on ending her friendship with the MCU after the news:

“friendship ended with the MCU they keep giving Michael Waldron a job”

Despite that, there are still fans who are on board with Waldron’s hiring, such as @AnuragSrivatsa

“i like Michael Waldron’s MCU work so i don’t mind him doing Secret Wars tbh.”

@KotaBearzz pitches a team-up with Black Panther director Ryan Coogler so that it would give him some interest in Waldron’s script for Avengers 6

“Waldron writing and Coogler directing would give me some interest”

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