Car Loan Calculator

In car financing, always remember that car loan is just another product a car dealer is selling to you. To get the best car loan deal and the lowest APR (Annual Payment Rate), you only need two things – your credit report with credit score and a car loan calculator.

Car Loan Calculator

Fortunately, credit reports and car loan calculator are easily available online. You can get your credit history details and credit scores from sites such as Equifax, Experian, or TrueCredit. Car loan calculators are even more widely available. Below are some online sites where you can find car loan calculator tools to keep you on even ground with car dealers. – Car Loan Calculator is one of the top websites on auto financing. Here you can learn about how to get the best deal when buying a new car or trade in a used one. The site also offers free tips and tricks to getting a car loan and to avoid making new car financing mistakes. Their car loan calculators and payment tools help make your life easier as you do your research before purchasing a car loan. They have downloadable Excel spreadsheets that cover budgets, loans, leases, used car bill of sale, and making your offer to a dealer. – Car Loan Calculator

Another site that offers a car loan calculator is This online tool allows you to compare loans and leases by entering the information in all required fields, including the negotiated vehicle price, loan term, suggest vehicle MSRP (for the Lease Payment Calculator), interest rate, lease term, money factor, and estimated residual value. You can also simply calculate your car loan payments by entering in the fields under the Loan Payment Calculator and clicking on the ‘Calculate Loan’ button. – Car Loan Calculator has an easy to use car loan calculator. However, to use it, you need a Javascript-enabled browser. Simply enter the following pieces of information like number of months, interest rate, amount financed, and monthly payment. Then afterwards, you can compute your figures by clicking on the ‘Compute’ button. This car loan calculator does not include charges such as tax, title, license fees, etc. – Car Loan Calculator is an Australian website on car loan and auto refinancing. The site offers an easy-to-use car loan calculator which can help you calculate both your indicative repayments and interest rate for a consumer loan. Type in the purchase amount of the car, on road costs (if known), deposit, trade-in, amount financed, state, vehicle age, contract term (years), payment frequency, and balloon (percentage) and then click on the ‘Calculate’ button.

The Internet offers several more online calculators and resource tools that you can use to make your car loan search easier. Just remember that when you use car loan calculators, the results are merely indicative and do not necessarily constitute a quote.

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