Car Loans UK

When you’re on the lookout for a new car purchase, there are several ways to haggle for your best fair profit offer on Car Loans UK. The two biggest mistakes that people make when shopping for car loans UK are buying cars without first checking online loan rates and getting car loans UK deal without knowing what their credit status is.

Car Loans UK

Knowing what the rates are before applying for car loans UK is a good way of saving money on monthly repayments. And to avoid any financing issues that may occur during your car loans UK application, like having your application rejected perhaps or your car gets repossessed, you need to know what your financial situation first.

There are several online sites that offer car loans UK deals with information about current prime rates. Below are a few of these great places where you can look for great car loans UK deals.

Car Credit UK is one of the largest independent car credit provides in the United Kingdom. Their car loans UK deals are especially designed to help borrowers with bad credit history.

The typical APR rates they charge for their car loans UK deals are around 19.9%. The rates may vary depending on your personal circumstances, which include severity of credit problems, the amount of deposit, and the degree of credit risk. They offer 1,500 pounds minimum part exchange on your old car plus 350 pounds cash back guarantee.

Welcome Car Finance is another car credit provider in United Kingdom. With their wide assortment of newer car makes and hassle-free car loans UK finance, this car credit provider could be your answer to getting the car you’ve always wanted. They offer car loans UK deals even if you’re self-employed, have rejected car credit, no credit, or credit problems, including CCJ’s, mortgage arrears, Council Tax arrears, payment defaults.

Welcome Car Finance offers their car loans UK deals at 16.9% APR with 1,000 pounds minimum part exchange for your old car. You can also get 250 pounds cash back when you buy your car, full MOT, and 136-point safety check for your new vehicle.

Alliance Leicester is an auto financing company based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in providing car loans UK deals and personal loans. For their car loans UK products, they offer the Alliance and Leicester Car Purchase Plan which has a low start payment option. You can get a car loans UK deal right here for amounts between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds at 5.9% APR.

Another auto financing group that provides car loans UK deals is Halifax Finance. Their car loans UK deals are available at 1,000 pounds up to 25,000 pounds. For car loans UK that are over 7,000 pounds, they offer rates of 6.7% APR typical. 

The interest rates that Halifax Finance usually charges range between 6.7% APR and 21.9% APR. To make it easier for you, they don’t charge you for any repayments for the first three months of your loan and you have the option to spread your repayments over one to seven years. This allows budgeting easier since your monthly repayments never vary.

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