Ed Sheeran announces new tour with math symbols


Class is in session with Ed Sheeran.

The singer and songwriter has announced a North American tour, called “+ – = ÷ x,” pronounced “The Mathematics Tour.”

Sheeran released a minute-long teaser for the tour in which he is sitting in math class, while a teacher takes to the blackboard to solve a problem.

It’s the first time in nearly five years that Sheeran will play stadiums in the US. The tour kicks off next summer in Arlington, Texas, on May 6 and and will run through Sept. 23 in Inglewood, California.

Sheeran will perform 21 dates in total.

He will feature different special guests for the performances, including Cat Burns, Khalid, Russ, Dylan, Rosa Lynn, and Maisie Peters.

The tour follows Sheeran’s 2021 album “=.”

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