Elizabeth Olsen Teases Scarlet Witch’s Next Story In Her MCU Future

Elizabeth Olsen Confirms Wanda’s Fate

In an interview with Variety, WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness star Elizabeth Olsen talked about the next evolution of her character in the MCU and hopes for where she’ll go next.

One of the first things the actress noted was how she is hopeful that Wanda will head “towards some sort of redemption” story whenever the character returns, all but confirming the Scarlet Witch being alive:

“Where I think Wanda is heading is hopefully towards some sort of redemption, I think she was on that road. I don’t think any of these characters are ever really gone, especially when you introduce the Multiverse to multiply all of our bodies in different other universes.” 

The actress shared how over the years she’s learned that staying with a character isn’t a bad gig, with Olsen revealing she never felt the “limitations” that others may feel in different circumstances:

“Something that playing Wanda’s taught me over the years is how many things and opportunities you can do with one character. It kind of breaks a feeling of limitations when you get to be with a character for so long and continue to change the narrative of how this character is used to tell story and so that kind of opens up how you think about how we can approach character and storytelling and challenging ways hopefully.”

This story is developing. Please check back for updates!

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