Every Character Confirmed to Appear In Sequel (Heroes & Villains)

Any fans of superheroes likely know of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Many claimed it to be one of the best Spidey movies ever, even placing it amongst some of the best-animated films of all time.

Not only did it tell a memorizing and emotional story, but the project’s art style pushed the boundaries of what’s been done before. Given the success of the first movie, Sony obviously went and green-lit the sequel.

Officially titled Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the film is set to hit theaters next summer. The story will see Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy team up with the likes of Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Punk to take on The Spot.

With “240 unique characters” in play and a story that takes place across six different universes, many might be wondering who to expect to see in the highly anticipated sequel.

Thankfully, The Direct has just the list for that.

All Confirmed Characters for Across the Spider-Verse

Miles Morales – Played by Shameik Moore

Miles Morales, Spider-Man

It would feel a little odd not to have Miles Morales in the upcoming film—thankfully, the world has known about his involvement since the movie was announced. This time, however, it seems like he’ll be in for quite the adventure, one that ventures far away from his own universe.

Given everything that went down in the first movie, hopefully, Miles will feel like a more experienced Spider-Man. Though, with the sequel taking place not too long after the debut film, he might not have been given much time to fight crime on his own.

Gwen Stacy – Played by Hailee Steinfeld

Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman

Spider-Gwen (or Spider Woman, or Ghost Spider) is another character who fans knew would play a key part in Across the Spider-Verse. This time, it seems that she is the one who comes to Miles to enlist his help with a Multiversal adventure.

The dynamic between Gwen and Miles was a pillar of the first movie, so it’s no surprise that it’ll continue to get the focus it deserves. 

Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099 – Played by Oscar Isaac

Spider-Man 2099

While Spider-Man 2099, an iteration of Spidey who is from the future, wasn’t a part of the Kingpin debacle, he did make it just in time for one of the post-credits scenes for the film. The character is seen working on a device that can help one traverse through various universes.

Seeing as how the next movie focuses on the heroes going through half-a-dozen alternate realities, there’s a good chance that Miguel made plenty of extras for his fellow friends. But why exactly is he building these in the first place?

Thankfully, Across the Spider-Verse will almost certainly answer that question. 

Peter B. Parker – Played by Jake Johnson

Peter Parker, Spider-Man

Jake Johnson’s down-on-his-luck Spider-Man was a fan favorite aspect of the first movie. His disillusionment with being the iconic webhead made for a perfect contrast to Miles’ fresh off-the-block hero.

While fans weren’t sure if this Peter would join the second adventure, the actor previously revealed that he had signed contracts to reprise his role—so he’ll certainly be there. But will he play any significant role or just come in for a fun bit near the end of the movie?

Jefferson Davis – Played by Brian Tyree Henry

Jefferson Davis

With Miles being the main character, it only makes sense for his parents to appear. When it comes to Jefferson, his relationship with Miles was focused on heavily in the first movie.

This sequel should continue to explore the two being in a better place with other. Though, with the movie taking place in six different universes, there might not be enough time for Miles to interact with either of his parents.

Miles has lost both of his parents in various mediums, including comics and video games. So might Rio be in danger, much like Jefferson could be?

Rio Morales – Played by Luna Lauren Velez

Rio Morales, Miles Morales

With Jefferson comes his wife and Miles’ mother: Rio Morales. Her involvement is another given for the project.

But how big will her role be? Whatever it is, fingers crossed it isn’t the fate she suffered in the comics.

In his original run of comics, Rio Morales is killed by the Ultimate Universes’ Venom. Thankfully for Miles, one friendly interaction with Molecule Man led his mother to be revived in the re-created Multiverse at the end of 2015’s Secret Wars.

George Stacy – Played by Shea Whigham

George Stacy, Spider-Woman

Footage at CinemaCon revealed that the movie will be spending some time in Gwen Stacy’s home universe, where she is dealing with some family drama given her identity as Spider-Woman. The brief teaser attendees saw at the event even included her father, George Stacy, arresting her.

It would seem that Gwen could be getting much more focus in the upcoming sequel. Could it be aiming to flesh out her story more while spending less time with all of the Morales’?

School Principal – Played by Rachel Dratch

School Principle, Spider-Verse

The sequel will see the introduction of one of the most exciting characters yet: Rachel Dratch’s School Principal (who is not the person seen above).

Some footage of her was seen during this year’s CinemaCon, where Dratch’s character is warning Miles Morales’ parents that he’s lying to them about something. What could it be?

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman – Played by Issa Rae

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman
Marvel Comics

CinemaCon introduced another new face that will be joining the party for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. This specific adaptation will find the character pregnant, a version almost certainly inspired by Dennis Hopeless’ comic run for the character in 2015.

In the footage shown to the convention’s audience, Jessica can be seen fighting alongside Spider-Man 2099 and Gwen as they take on her universe’s Vulture. Within that action scene, there also seems to be allusions to some sort of history between her and Miguel—as they seem to know each other, whereas she only just met Gwen.

Ben Reily/Scarlet Spider – Played by [TBD]

Scarlet Spider, Ben Reily
Marvel Comics

Thanks to an image of a Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse themed game of Trouble, it was revealed that Ben Reily, aka the Scarlet Spider, will be a part of the upcoming film. His iconic look with the light blue hoodie, bright red Spidey suit, and pure white eyes remains intact.

For those who are unfamiliar with the character, he is a clone of Peter Parker who was introduced into the comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #149 and was created by the Spider-Man villain Miles Warren, aka The Jackal.

Hobart Brown/Spider-Punk – Played by [TBD]

Spider-Punk, Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

Some leaked merchandise for the upcoming project held much new information for fans. Among them was what seems to be confirmation that Spider-Punk will be making an appearance in Across the Spider-Verse—potentially as one of the core group of webheads.

The story of Hobart Brown was first told in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 in January 2015, which was part of the first Spider-Verse event in the comics. Since then, he’s gone on to be a favorite amongst many fans, as has his pleasing punk rock star aesthetic—the look is even a playable costume in Insomniac’s Spider-Man game.

Cyborg Spider-Woman – Played by [TBD]

Cyborg Spider-Woman

While nearly all of the other characters on the list have some history in the comics, Cyborg Spider-Woman does not—she is an original character. Though there is a Cyborg Spider-Man in the source material, they don’t seem to be one and the same.

Her existence was revealed thanks to early photos of merchandise hitting the web. 

It’s unclear what her role is or how much screentime she’ll have, but the character certainly seems formidable. Honestly, she looks a little scary and fully capable of taking down most threats on her own.

Spider-Ham – Played by John Mulaney


It’s a little surprising that Spider-Ham will be returning, as he didn’t have a big role in the first movie. With so many other Spideys to meet, he’ll likely not have much to do once again.

His part in the film was potentially spoiled thanks to his head appearing on a Spider-Man: Across the Universe t-shirt.

John Mulaney is a fan-favorite, however, so any reason to have more Spider-Ham is a good one.

Takuya Yamashiro/Japanese Spider-Man – Played by [TBD]

Japanese Spider-Man

A more obscure take on Peter Parker’s iconic hero, this version of the character was one of the first live-action adaptations of Spider-Man. He starred in a ’70s TV show, one which was loosely based on the hero everyone knows and loves.

To that point, Yamashiro was a motorcycle racer whose bracelet would turn him into his hero persona. It could also control a giant robot named Leopardon, as bracelets usually do.

The character, who producer Phil Lord seemingly confirmed himself, looks like he could be an alternate Peni Parker—a character who it seems might not be coming back.

The Spot – Played by Jason Schwartzman

The Spot, Spider-Verse

While he may be a minor small-time villain in the comics, having first been introduced in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #97, Across the Spider-Verse seems to have given the big bad quite the upgrade.

Sony confirmed back in June of this year that he would be going up against Miles and his various Spider-Friends. The movie’s version of the character is covered in and can create interdimensional portals, which can transport objects and people at will.

Odds are that Spot is the direct reason why Miles will be falling through various universes.

Vulture – Played by Jorma Taccone

Spider-Verse, Vulture
Marvel Comics

At Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, Sony revealed that Jorma Taccone would be voicing a new version of the flying antagonist. They described this adaptation as an “anachronistic” take on Adrian Toomes.

Based on the clip shown to select audiences with Vulture in action, it seems like this character might be in one segment of the movie—though that’s just speculation, and the size of his role is still unknown.

More Spider-Verse Is Almost Here

While those may be all the characters who are confirmed, there are likely just as many that haven’t even been revealed yet.

The creatives behind the movie undoubtedly have plenty more stories to tell. After all, the third film, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, is already in the works and aiming for a release on March 29, 2024.

Luckily for Sony, the very idea of a Spider-Verse is a well of unlimited potential and ideas. There’s so much it can do—such as adapting the recently created Spider-Rex.

Needless to say, fans are hyped for the future of the Spider-Verse films, and the wait for Across the Spider-Verse certainly isn’t getting any easier.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse hits theaters on June 2, 2023.

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