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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 8 goes live and brings Daredevil back in the MCU spotlight with its Disney+ premiere at 3 a.m. EST (12 a.m. PST) on Thursday, October 6. The episode is directed by Kat Coiro, who also helmed the first 4 episodes of the series, and was written by Cody Ziglar, Jessica Gao, and Dana Schwartz. And this will not be the last fans see of Coiro, as she will also take on the Season 1 finale, which premieres on October 13th.

Episode 8, titled Ribbit and Rip It, will see the long-awaited return of Charlie Cox as Matthew Murdock, aka Daredevil. A new superhero, Leap-Frog, played by Brandon Stanley will also make his MCU debut. Leap-Frog was briefly seen in She-Hulk Episode 5 leaving the offices of superhero costume designer Luke Jacobson.

D23 attendees got a sneak peek of She-Hulk’s Daredevil episode. The scene shown to audiences at the Anaheim-based convention teased a potential romance between Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock. The two heroes also argued the difference between a ‘goon’ and a ‘henchman’, while bragging about each other’s different abilities. Read a full description of the exclusive She-Hulk episode 8 footage here.

When Did We Last see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil On Screen?

Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock was last seen during a brief appearance in December 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, although he never suited up as Daredevil. Peter Parker sought legal advice from Murdock after Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio exposed Peter’s identity as Spider-Man to the world.

A deleted scene of Cox’s Man Without Fear was added to the recently released More Fun Stuff extended cut of Spider-Man: No Way Home, depicting Matt Murdock and Iron Man‘s Happy Hogan meeting with the Department of Damage Control (DODC) led by Ms. Marvel’s Agent Cleary. 

Read a full description of Daredevil’s deleted Spider-Man: No Way Home scene here.

Daredevil in Yellow Suit in She-Hulk Episode 8

Ahead of She-Hulk episode 8, Entertainment Tonight officially released the first clip of Daredevil’s return. The footage shows Murdock’s upgraded acrobatic skills as he confronts She-Hulk on top of a parking garage. 

The new footage also shows the first time that Jennifer Walters wears her purple superhero suit in the streaming series. This could indicate that Jen will be fighting crime alongside Daredevil in episode 8.

Watch She-Hulk’s first clip of Daredevil here!

Daredevil’s New Yellow Superhero Suit

She-Hulk Helmet in Trash in Episode 5

She-Hulk episode 5 teased that the superhero suit designer, Luke Jacobson, made this new yellow suit. The design looks identical to the look Charlie Cox wore in his Netflix series, with the notable exception being the yellow color.

Charlie Cox previously wore a blood red suit in seasons 1-3 of Daredevil and season 1 of The Defenders on Netflix. The reason why the hero is now wearing a yellow suit will be answered in episode 8 of She-Hulk, but The Direct believes the change of color could be a tribute to Matt Murdock’s father, who died during a boxing match in season 1 of Daredevil.

Is Netflix’s Daredevil Canon to the MCU Daredevil?

A frequently heated discussion in online circles has revolved around if Charlie Cox’s previous Daredevil appearances on Netflix are canon to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe

Vincent D’Onofrio, who played Kingpin in Daredevil, believes that his character is the same, despite the differences between Hawkeye’s and Netflix’s Kingpin:

“It’s the same character. Yeah, I mean, the way that we saw it on Hawkeye, or [what] I ended up believing, is that there are [as] many dots connected as we can possibly connect, and some are just impossible to connect. But I think… it’s the same as a lot of the MCU stuff that’s done, that Kevin [Feige] does.

When talking about the newly announced Daredevil: Born Again, Cox stated that he was not as sure if She-Hulk’s Daredevil is the same as Netflix’s:

“Yeah, I don’t know. But my instinct is based on the name of the show, it’s called ‘Born Again’, the fact… that Kevin [Feige] talks about it as being a season 1, rather than a season 4, my feeling is, this is a whole new deal, you know?”

With the conflicting reports about Daredevil’s place in the MCU canon, The Direct has theorized how the latest She-Hulk episode could sort out the canon confusion.

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