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Muhurat trading 2022: The stock markets (NSE and BSE) will open for an hour for Diwali muhurat trading on October 24, 2022, which is a symbolic trading session held by stock exchanges to mark the auspicious festival. The fifty-year-old tradition for Equities, Equity F&O, Currency F&O, and Commodities for Diwali 2022 is set to be held between 6:15 PM and will end after one hour at 7:15 PM. Pre-open session will begin at 6:00 PM and it will end at 6:08 PM, the notice available on BSE, NSE said.

Matching timings on muhurat trading session will be from 6:08 PM to 6:15 PM. However, trade modification in the call auction will end at 7:45 PM. All trades executed at the Indian stock market in Diwali 2022 muhurat trading session shall result in a settlement obligation.

Muhurat trading Diwali 2022 session in the commodity derivative segment will also begin at 6:15 PM and end at 7:15 PM. However, trade modification will be available till 7:25 PM.

In the currency derivative segment too, muhurat trading 2022 timing will be from 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM and trade modification in currency derivatives and IRD will be possible till 7:25 PM. Trade modification in cross-currency derivatives will also remain available till 7:25 PM. Trade annulment request can be placed till 7:30 PM.

In Securities Lending & Borrowing Segment (SLB) Segment, muhurat trading on Diwali 2022 timing will be 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM.

In case of any query, trading members can contact BSE Helpdesk on 022-45720400/600 or via e-mail on

The customary one-hour session of Muhurat Trading is considered auspicious by many and marks the start of Samvat, meaning the accounting year in Hindu religion. The stock market remains closed for rest of the day and opens only during this occasion for an hour. Here is everything you need to know about Muhurat Trading 2022.

What is Muhurat Trading?

As mentioned before, Muhurat Trading is customary trading of stocks done for one hour during Diwali and is considered auspicious among many. As the years have passed, Muhurat Trading has become more of a tradition, blended with shades of religion and culture, and is an interesting event. According to the Hindu tradition, Diwali this year marks Samvat 2079 — that is the new financial year. The traders of the stock market do special share trading in just an hour, and so it is called Muhurat Trading. Muhurat Trading 2022 is scheduled to take place between 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM.

Significance of Muhurat Trading

Muhurat Trading was first introduced by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) when it reserved an hour on Diwali for stock trading in 1957. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) followed this move and allowed trading for one hour on the day of Diwali in 1992. Since then, traders believe that any deal done during Muhurat Trading brings in fruitful results as well as prosperity. During this time, is a way the trading community prays to Goddess Laxmi, the Hindu deity of wealth.

According to experts, investing money in the stock market on the day of Muhurat trading is considered auspicious. Especially the veteran investors of the market definitely invest on this day. In such a situation, he earns lakhs of rupees on small investment. Investors wish for a good new financial year by starting trading on a special Muhurta on Diwali. Experts say that Muhurta trading is completely related to tradition. Most of the people buy shares on this day. However, this investment is very small and symbolic.

It is believed that investments made during Muhurat are auspicious. According to market experts, on the day of Muhurta trading, traders enter the market with the thought of investing. Followers of tradition often place the first order of purchase. At the same time, if we look at the performance of the market during this period in the last years, on most occasions the stock market has remained in the range on the day of Muhurta trading. At the same time, there is also a boom in the market for some time.

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