Marvel Fans Share Strong Reactions to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Return News

Weeks after Marvel Studios’ presentation at the D23 Expo, Ryan Reynolds took the comic book movie news cycle into his own hands by revealing that Hugh Jackman would return to the role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3

In a video, Reynolds shared that he was struggling to come up with an idea for the long-awaited threequel.

And so, when Hugh Jackman walked by in the background and Reynolds just asked if he would like to return to the role, the Wolverine actor responded, saying, “Yeah, sure, Ryan.”

The video went on to reveal that Deadpool 3, featuring the two former 20th Century Fox heroes, would premiere on September 6, 2024.

But even though Jackman’s response was casual at best, the same can’t be said for Marvel fans once they learned the news.

Marvel Fans Respond to Deadpool 3 Casting News

Following Ryan Reynolds’ announcement that Deadpool 3 will also star Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, the fan consensus online has been one of both shock and excitement. 

Wolverine Deadpool

For instance, @G_Reelz reacted on Twitter, posting, “my mind is absolutely blown:”

“Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 and my mind is absolutely blown in the best way”

At the prospect of Jackman’s Wolverine in a Deadpool film, @EmansReviews posted, “This is gonna be bananas!:”

“It’s HAPPENING!!! Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, is coming to Deadpool 3. This is gonna be bananas!”

Twitter user @sidewinder had nothing but praise for this surprising premise: 

“This of the sickest thing they could’ve done for Deadpool 3”

@fftcocoon clearly loved this news as well and shared a similar sentiment:

“If I am dreaming please do not wake me up!”

@CINEPAPI commented on both the film’s release date and the casting news, posting, “OH MY GOD THANK YOU GOD:”


Other fans posted their own hopes and expectations for the threequel, including @ToolofParanoia who wants to see “Wade fanboying over Logan so hard:”

“I hope a good chunk of #deadpool3 is just romcom shenanigans and Wade fanboying over Logan so hard.”

@NeilMcGinnity noted that the upcoming film will be “the culmination” of “what feels like a decade of jokes:”

“If this indeed true, #Deadpool3 will be the culmination of what feels like a decade of jokes that will bring back Hugh Jackman as #Wolverine That could be special.”

But perhaps @infinityhowlett summarized the fan base’s emotions best in posting the following: 

“i cannot believe that i am actually going to see the return of hugh jackman’s wolverine in deadpool 3. holy shit”

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