Marvel Studios Wants Groot Movie ‘Planet X’ Made In the MCU, Claims Star

Vin Diesel Claims Marvel Wants a Solo Groot Movie

Groot Vin Diesel

Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Groot actor Vin Diesel shared a post on Instagram that may have revealed Marvel Studios’ plans to develop an MCU movie based on the talking tree’s homeworld. 

After noting his niece’s love for the recent I Am Groot Disney+ shorts, Diesel curiously ended with “No wonder Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie:”

“So my niece called me and said… thank you uncle Vin for making I Am Groot, haha… the shorts written and directed by the talented Kristin Lepore. It was a blast making, but it’s also a blast watching it with my angels. No wonder Marvel wants to make the Planet X movie. All love. #FloraColossi #AlphaGroot #PlanetX”

Planet X is the homeworld of the Flora colossus, the alien race from which Groot comes, speaking in the same confusing dialect as him that only the likes of Rocket Racoon and a few others can understand.

Diesel may well have just been joking about the MCU blockbuster prospects, as Groot leading a solo movie currently appears unlikely. 

Alternatively, Diesel may actually be referring to the “Planet X” comic storyline, starring the X-Men, or the mutant safe haven of the same name. The advanced civilization was created to serve as a home for mutants if Earth were destroyed.

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