The Mandalorian Season 3 Set Video Spoils Bo-Katan Betrayal

Early next year, Star Wars fans will get to jump back into Din Djarin’s story as The Mandalorian Season 3 preps for its release on Disney+ in February 2023. This story will bring back a number of major players from the growing Mandoverse, including longtime fan-favorite Bo-Katan Kryze, who first came into play in the animated The Clone Wars series.

While footage from Season 3 hasn’t been made public yet, Star Wars Celebration 2022 attendees had the opportunity to see exclusive new footage that showed where Bo-Katan is heading in the galaxy far, far away. After Din Djarin took possession of the Darksaber, and with it, a position as one of Mandalore’s top leaders, Bo-Katan wants her own shot at the title as she takes on a more antagonistic role in this new set of episodes.

Looking at how Bo-Katan has always been a supporter of the Rebellion and others against the Empire and the Dark Side, this switch will be something jarring for fans to witness as she takes on a more crucial role in The Mandalorian. Now, new set video has even teased how far she’ll go down this villainous path, showing her in an epic battle against one of her former companions.

Is Bo-Katan Switching Sides in Mando Season 3?

Bespin Bulletin shared a video from the set of The Mandalorian Season 3, which shows Katie Sackhoff’s Bo-Katan Kryze in a fight with Simon Kassianides’ Axe Woves. This footage comes from production in the El Dorado Park in Long Beach, California.

In the video, Bo-Katan is fighting a Mandalorian with a resemblance to Woves, but there’s also a man behind her that looks like Kassianides’ character, making it unclear which side of the fight he’s on. 

Bespin Bulletin also reported that an actress that looked like Sasha Banks’ Koska Reeves was seen on set, though she is not seen in the video. Previously, Banks claimed that she wouldn’t be a part of Season 3.

Bo-Katan, The Mandalorian
Bespin Bulletin

For clarity, Kassianides appears to be on the left side with his Mandalorian jetpack on his back while Sackhoff stands in front of him on the right side.

Bo-Katan, Axe Woves
The Direct

This may be a scene showing Bo-Katan betraying her Mandalorian clan, further setting her up as the big bad for Season 3. 

Woves could end up seeing that he’s on the wrong side of the battle, leading him to stand up for what he feels is right for Mandalore.

Bo-Katan, The Mandalorian
Bespin Bulletin

The full video can be seen below:

This story is developing. Please check back for updates!

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